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Op. Dr. Özgün Akgül Profil

Surgeon MD. Ozgun Akgul

Surgeon MD Özgün Akgül graduated from Erciyes University School of medicine in 2007 and then begun his specialization training at Izmir Katip Celebi University, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, general surgery clinic and he became a surgeon in 2014 He worked at Bornova Turkan Ozilhan State Hospital till 2016 after he became a specialist and then he worked at Kordon Obesity Center and Private Ege Sehir Hospital. He has been working at his private clinic since 2019 He is experienced in the obesity surgery, metabolic surgery, hernioplasty and cancer surgery. He is a member of Turkish Surgery Society, Metabolic Surgery Society, National Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Society and Turkish Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Society.

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Patients’ Comments

I had the surgery on 01.05.2018. I was 158,5 kg. Mr. Özgün performed my surgery. Now, I am 97 kg. Big thanks to  Mr. Özgün. I lost 60 kg in a year. Thanks to my physician supporting me within this period.

Mr. Ahmet

Mr. Özgün performed obesity surgery on my wife. I had inguinal hernia surgery. We had operations 30-40 days apart and we were very pleased with Mr. Özgün, hospital and its staff. Especially, we were very satisfied with Mr. Özgün. We admired him for his surgery, behaviour,humanity and job. We really liked honest, kind, helpful behaviours of Mr. Özgün and his assistant Mrs. Ümran and we express our since thanks to him and his organization. I am happy to say that Mr. Özgün and his team deserve award. Best regards

Thank you very much.

Mr. Mustafa

I was operated by Mr. Özgün 1.5 years ago. I feel myself very lucky for his kindness, his dialogue with his patients, contacting him whenever I need and supporting his patient all the time and for being a reliable physician. I owe him a debt of gratitude for dealing with my problems directly. Moreover, big thanks to his team. His team also dealt with any issues. Thanks a lot for everything. My dear physician. I wish you a continued success.

Ms. Funda

I applied to his clinic for long-term severe anal bleeding and excessive exhaustion. I had been suffering from this disorder since 2012 and it began to affect my life highly. I tried a number of treatments but neither of them was positive. Md Özgün Akgül played the leading role in covering a distance for me. My operation was performed very successfully and meticulously. I recommend him to everyone. I am grateful to Mr. Özgün and Mr. Namık for their interest within this period.


Mr. Ömer

I had gallstone for about 6 years and I could not have the operation because of panic attack. I overcame my fear thanks to my physician Mr. Özgün. He gave confidence to me and I underwent the operation. It was very good. Thanks a lot.

Mr. Şükrü

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