What is an inguinal hernia?

Op. Dr. Özgün Akgül Kasık Fıtığı AmeliyatıAn inguinal hernia is the most frequent type of hernia of the abdominal hernias. There is a peritoneum in the abdomen surrounding our organs. Tears occur in the peritoneum as a result of lifting heavy load, straining or coughing continuously. Protrusion of the organs through these tears is called a hernia. Inguinal hernia becomes clear when coughing, standing up and it may extent to the testicle. When you lie down, it may turn towards the abdomen and become lost.

The inguinal hernia has 3 sub-groups as “direct, indirect and femoral hernia”. Inguinal pain, strain, swelling are the most common complaints. It may develop in everybody regardless of the age. It develops in men about 9 times more than women.   Frequency of incidence increases in person doing heavy-duty, smoking, being constipated continuously, in sportsmen and in the post-pregnancy period.

The inguinal hernia is congenital in the childhood period. Factors increasing intra-abdominal pressure such as heavy lifting, couching, constipation cause inguinal hernia.

Does the inguinal hernia constitute a risk?

If the inguinal hernia becomes severe, intestine can compress in the hernia sac. If the intestine does not get inside the abdomen, blood circulation deteriorates and this part of intestine becomes gangrenous and is punctured. Liquid in the intestine begins to fill the stomach. If it is not operated urgently, the patient may lose his life.

How is the inguinal hernia surgery performed?

Op. Dr. Özgün Akgül Kasık Fıtığı

Inguinal hernias are treated by two methods as open and closed (laparoscopic) methods. Both methods have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Open inguinal hernia surgery is performed at every hospital in and around Izmir. It can be performed by the spinal anaesthesia or regional anaesthesia in the patients who cannot be subject to the general anaesthesia. Approximately 10 cm skin incision is applied. For this reason, it leaves a scar. The patient may have pain following the surgery. Its cost is low since it does not require specialized instruments. The patient can continue his daily life about 20 days later. He can start to work about 30 days later.

Closed inguinal hernia surgery is performed at full-fledged hospitals in the center of Izmir. It is carried out under general anaesthesia by the surgeons being experienced in the advance laparoscopic surgery. Risk of infection of the scar is very low because it is performed through very small ports and the scar occurs hardly ever. If there is a suspected hernia on the opposite side, it can be controlled easily without a new incision. The patient feels very little pain or does not feel pain following the laparoscopic hernia surgery. The patch is sounder because it is placed internally. For this reason, persons having desk jobs can start to work in 3-5 days. Persons doing exercise or heavy-duty can start to work about 15-20 days later. Patch placed is safer since it covers direct, indirect and femoral hernia sites fully. Success rate is much higher for recurrent hernias. Use of specialized instruments and equipment increases the cost.

Time for return to work of the persons having inguinal hernia surgery varies by the surgical method and health condition of the patient. Time for return to work is shorter in the young and healthy patients and patients having laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery. Patient can start to run on post-laparoscopic operation day 20 and on post-open surgery day 30.

How much does inguinal hernia surgery cost in 2020?

Cost of inguinal hernia surgery varies in Izmir and provinces around it. Cost is determined by the hospital, materials used. Laparoscopic inguinal hernia operation is more expensive than the open hernia operation because more specialized materials are used. Cost of inguinal hernia surgery shifted in 2020 compared to 2019 because of the material cost.

Does bulge occur following the inguinal hernia surgery?

Post-inguinal hernia surgery bulge varies by the health condition of the person and size of the hernia sac. As the hernia sac enlarges and age and weight of the patient increases, the risk will increase. Edema in the operation site and bleeding in the capillary veins risk increases. For this reason, post-inguinal hernia surgery bulge occurs.

Does the inguinal hernia surgery cause infertility?

For the inguinal hernia to cause the infertility, it needs to cause expansion in veins by pressing the veins in the hernia sac, in other words, varicosele. This possibility is low. However, following the inguinal hernia surgery, infertility or sexual problems may arise. Hernia sac is bonded to the veins leading to the testicle and seminal ducts. These adherences are separated during the operation. Meanwhile, these structures may be damaged. Or they may contract due to post-op edema. Moreover, sperm ducts may contract depending on the structure of material placed.

Who can have the laparoscopic hernia surgery?

Every person who has no medical obstacle for the general anaesthesia can have this surgery. However, patients for whom laparoscopic hernia surgery is recommended especially are listed below:

* Persons doing exercise

* Young people

* Persons being engaged in heavy-duty

* Persons desiring to return to work immediately

* Persons having bilateral hernias

* Persons that opposite hernia is doubted

* Recurrent hernias

* Women

How long does it take to get better?

Laparoscopic hernia surgeries recover in shorter time than the open method. Persons being engaged in the desk job can return to work in about 5-7 days while this term is about 15-20 days for the persons being engaged in heavy-duties.

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